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The need  for intruder alarms in both commercial and domestic premises is becoming more and more important as crime figures continue to

increase.  An intruder alarm is designed to deter or detect unauthorised access to your premises.  Our systems can employ a variety of different detection devices to meet specific needs.  The equipment used for our installations has been carefully selected to be user friendly whilst providing the most up-to-date technology for your protection.


Closed Circuit Television Systems are designed as an aid to crime prevention by supplying a visual deterrent with the added benefit of being able to record an incident which may occur within a monitored area and can be viewed remotely via a

dial-up facility.  Most criminals would think twice before attempting an attack on premises protected by a CCTV System.


We offer a number of access systems, including Audio, Audio Visual, Digital and Card.  The external equipment of these systems can also be provided in an anti-vandal form.


All Fire Alarms are installed, maintained and cetificated in accordance with British Standards 5839. We are FIA certified for design installation and maintenance of fire alarms and also carry out routine weekly Fire Alarm checks.



FIRE extinguisher

Kypto Secutiry are approved for the installation and maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers to BS5306-3



Our engineers are fully trained to provide you with the best possible physical products for your premises, from door locks complying with British Standard 3621 to a wide range of key operated window locks, all meeting stringent insurance requirements, these can be complimented with a


wide range of Patio French door locks and anti-picking devices.  London and Birmingham bars cover the locking post and/or hinge side of the door frames to enhance door security


We provide a large selection of new and reconditioned safes to meet all insurance requirements from the basic wall safe to under floor safes.  Complimenting this section is a wide range of free standing safes,

operated by key and/or combination lock(s), to suit any domestic or commercial application.  Our safe department is fully equipped to supply and install all the above safes to meet your requirements

Anti scaling protection

There is an increasing need for Anti Scaling Protection for property perimeters and access points.  There are two main types - one being a serious of rotating spikes mounted on the top of walls, fences, gates etc.

Whilst the second type uses various sharp barbed steel tape (as used by the British and American armed forces) to deter access.

grilles and roller shutters

Our Grille Department is fully equipped to manufacture Grilles from basic diamond mesh protection for windows to heavy duty commercial grade burglar bars.  In addition we can manufacture

any type of grille specified by our customers.  All grilles are painted or stone enameled to a colour of your choice and made to meet insurance specifications.


Our roller shutters are constructed of high grade steel blades and expertly fitted by our trained staff to give maximum security with the option of perforated shutters when night display is required. Shutters can be operated manually or electronically in accordance with your requirements.